June 13, 2024

Joe Rogan Duped By Fake News About Australia Banning Homegrown Food

We’ll get straight to the point: Joe Rogan believed a bill banning home-grown food in Australia was passed.

Joe Rogan was furious, championing everyone in Australia and refusing to accept that the story that worked for him was factually false.

Rogan, who is notoriously divisive regarding many things (read: almost everything he says), has regularly railed against COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine push during the pandemic. Earlier this year, he was a guest on his infamous podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, where the two chatted casually about climate change.

This exchange made Rogan’s anti-vax content seem scientific enough to win a Nobel Prize. We won’t be taking you through the content of that podcast again, nor its anti-vax advice™, but taking both themes into today’s Rogan gem.

Homegrown Food

Rogan was outraged by a law he thought was being introduced in Australia, specifically Victoria. Legislation has circled the places I’d rather not be on the internet, and many criticized Prime Minister Daniel Andrews for his authoritarian actions to ban people from growing their food.

Australia passes a bill to prevent people from growing their food.

Completely normal.

— Carl Vernon (@RealCarlVernon) May 8, 2022

As debunked by Reuters last week, the draft legislation debated in Victoria won’t stop people from growing their food. There are so many posts on multiple social media sites with a fat ‘this post has been fact-checked’, but unfortunately, Rogan didn’t have a bar of it.

“I briefly read something and didn’t get into the article, but they said they were trying to pass a bill that would ban you from growing your food in Australia,” Rogan begins the ‘piece’.

“It was part of Australia. I think it was New South Wales. Someone is trying to pass a law that doesn’t allow you to grow your food.”

“You could justify being a real piece of shit,” he says, and look, he goes on a bit more, but he’s bringing in COVID because he does.

“They got people under control during the pandemic, locked everyone up in Australia, and said, ‘You know what? We need to stop those bastards from growing their food because that’s how you smell an anti-vaxxer,’ he said angrily.

“You can’t even go to a supermarket, AND you can’t even grow your food.”

Surprisingly, his producer did his INVESTIGATION and said, “Nothing is coming”. But this infuriated Rogan.

“It has to be real; it seems too good not to be,” Rogan said, followed by, “Damn, it better not be fake.”

Sorry, Joe.

joe rogan has a regular (watch till the end) pic.twitter.com/bs3CEYlpkX

— KnowNothing (@KnowNothingTV) May 17, 2022

We leave you with this beauty from his dude: “Even if it’s fake, fake is usually the warning.”

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