December 4, 2023

Question Is Windows 8 1 update still available?

Are there any updates for Windows 8.1 available?

Windows 8 has reached the end of support, which means that Windows 8 devices will no longer receive important security updates. As of July 2019, the Windows 8 Store is officially closed. Although you can no longer install or update applications from the Windows 8 Store, you can continue using the already installed applications.

Will Windows 8.1 still be supported in 2021?

Update 7/19-2021: Windows 8.1 is long deprecated but will be technically supported until 2023. If you need to download an ISO to reinstall the full version of the operating system, you can get one from Microsoft here.

Can we still update Windows 8.1 to 10 for free?

As a result, you can still upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and claim a free digital license for the latest Windows 10 version without jumping through any hoops.

When was Windows 8 last updated?

December 13, 2016, Latest Release 6.2.9200 / December 13, 2016, Update Method Windows Update, Windows Store, Windows Server Update Services Platforms IA-32, x86-64, ARM (Windows RT) Kernel Type Hybrid Support State.

Is it worth upgrading from Windows 8.1 to 10?

Windows 8 and 8.1 are almost forgotten in history. Upgrade immediately if you’re running genuine Windows 8 or 8.1 on a traditional PC. Suppose you’re running Windows 8 or 8.1 on a tablet; probably best to stick with 8.1. Windows 10 might work, but it might not be worth the risk.

How much longer will Windows 8.1 be supported?

What is the Lifecycle Policy for Windows 8.1? Windows 8.1 reached the end of mainstream support on January 9, 2018, and a lot of extended support on January 10, 2023.

Why was Windows 8 so bad?

Windows 8 came out when Microsoft needed to make a splash with tablets. But because the pills were forced to use an operating system built for tablets and traditional computers, Windows 8 has never been a great tablet operating system. This left Microsoft even further behind on mobile.

Is Windows 10 or 8.1 Better?

Winner: Windows 10 fixes most of Windows 8’s problems with the Start screen, while revamped file managers and virtual desktops are potential productivity boosters. An outright win for desktop and laptop users.

Windows 8

Will Windows 11 be a free upgrade?

Windows 11 is coming on October 5, and anyone with a compatible device will be eligible for a free upgrade, according to a Microsoft blog post two days ago.

Is Windows 8 still supported?

Microsoft 365 Apps is no longer supported on Windows 8. Support for Windows 8 ended on January 12, 2016. To avoid performance and reliability issues, we recommend upgrading your operating system to Windows 10 or downloading Windows 8.1 for free.

Can Windows 8 be upgraded to Windows 11?

There is no direct way for Windows 8 computers to upgrade to Windows 11: you must first upgrade your computer to Windows 10. Fortunately, this process is free for Windows 8 users. You can download the PC Health Check app from the Microsoft site to see if your computer meets the Windows 11 system requirements.

How many Windows 8 versions are there?

Windows 8, a major Microsoft Windows operating system release, was available in four different editions: Windows 8 (Core), Pro, Enterprise, and RT.

How do I install Microsoft Office for free on Windows 8?

Install a trial version of Office. Make sure you are connected to the Internet. In the Microsoft Office window, click Try. On the Start screen, type Microsoft Office to open the Search charm, then select Microsoft Office from the search results. Click Start your free trial.

How long did Windows 8 last?

With the general availability of Windows 8.1, customers running Windows 8 have two years, until January 12, 2016, to move to Windows 8.1 to remain supported.” January 12, 2016.

Is Windows 8.1 still safe to use?

If you want to keep using Windows 8 or 8.1, you can – it’s still a very safe operating system. Considering the migration capabilities of this tool, it appears that the migration from Windows 8/8.1 to Windows 10 will be supported at least until January 2023, but it is no longer free.

Is Windows 8.1 faster than Windows 10?

In other tests, such as startup, Windows 8.1 was the fastest, two seconds faster than Windows 10. For the most part, the benchmarking tests show that Windows 10 performed quite similarly to the previous versions of Windows – sometimes a bit faster and sometimes a bit slower.

How much does it cost to upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10?

Since its official release a year ago, Windows 10 has been a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1 users. When that freebie ends today, you’ll technically be forced to pay $119 for the regular edition of Windows 10 and $199 for the Pro flavor if you want to upgrade.

How much longer will Windows 10 be supported?

Microsoft will end support for Windows 10 on October 14, 2025. Microsoft revealed the retirement date for Windows 10 in an updated support lifecycle page for the operating system. It’s been over ten years since the operating system was first introduced.

Why was there no Windows 9?

It turns out that Microsoft skipped Windows 9 and went straight to 10 for a reason dating back to the era of Y2K. Essentially, there’s a long-standing code shortcut designed to differentiate between Windows 95 and 98 that wouldn’t understand there was a Windows 9 now.

Will Windows 8 be a flop?

Ultimately, Windows 8 was a failure for both consumers and businesses. With Windows 8.1, Microsoft tried to fix some flaws by introducing a Start button and a more useful Desktop mode, but the damage was done.

What are the disadvantages of Windows 8?

There is no antivirus for Windows 8, just Windows firewall and internet security (but available for win eight pro). Apps only work in the entire monitor by occupying the whole face of the monitor. No side apps can be run while we are using the apps.

What was the problem with Windows 8?

Many of the initial issues that Windows 8 faces can be fixed making your operating system experience much smoother and less stressful. The main problem reported by operating system users is the missing start menu. This issue was integral to using the software and was initially surrounded by rumors.

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