February 28, 2024

This gigantic 4×4 RV is definitely the coolest way to go off-road and camping

Rolling over the Bring A Trailer auction block to the right was a camper van of breathtaking proportions. This huge 2012 Titan XD 4400 four-wheel drive campervan conversion is easily one of the coolest, most ridiculous ways to get around the world.

Some off-roaders turn old ambulances or school buses into cozy homes away from home. This 2012 Titan XD 4400 takes a slightly different approach, starting with a civilian version of a military truck equipped as a camper.

Image: Bring a trailer

In 2011, Worldwide Machinery, a company known for renting and selling construction equipment, launched Titan Trucks. These tactical trucks have served the military for a few decades and stand out for their reliability and off-road capabilities. The Titan XD is based on the architecture of the BAE Systems Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV). The global deal meant British government contractor BAE Systems built the Titan in Sealy, Texas, adjacent to the FMTV.

This Titan XD 4400 would be one of the 50 Titans produced. According to the Bring A Trailer ad, it sat with a dealer in Texas for nine years before being picked up by the seller in 2020. The truck started as a flatbed trailer before the seller took the Action Mobil camper cabin from a crashed MAN truck and grafted it onto the back.

Image: Bring a trailer

So, what kind of power do you get with this thing?

Titan Trucks advertised the rig as capable of traversing rough terrain with four-wheel drive in temperatures as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 120 degrees. It can climb 60 percent and be tilted about 17 degrees while remaining on all wheels. The truck has 22 inches of ground clearance with an approach angle of 40 degrees and a departure angle of 37 degrees. You can get almost anywhere with this thing.

Image: Bring a trailer

Once you reach your destination, you can jump out of the cabin, slide out the roof of the Action Mobil camper and climb in to enjoy off-grid camping.

Action Mobil makes campers who can spend a lot of time in remote areas, and this is no different. You get a nice full shower, a cassette toilet, a propane stove, a propane oven, and a sleeping area with a queen mattress.

Image: Bring A TrailerImage: Bring A Trailer

Facilities include a 397 l water supply and a 480-watt roof-mounted solar panel system. Those panels charge a 200 ah lithium-ion battery system.

The machine is powered by a 6.7-liter Cummins six-cylinder turbo diesel that transmits its power through an Allison 3700SP seven-speed automatic transmission. The seller says the truck’s top speed is about 124 km/h, traveling at 97 km/h.

Image: Bring a trailer

Now for the bad news. As you might expect, a truck of this size gets some bad fuel economy.

Tow a trailer with a towing capacity of 4,536kg that drops to 6mpg. AA 208L tank of diesel powers 208L tank of diesel, powers the engine. The engine so isn’t cheap to drive.

Image: Bring a trailer

It also weighs 11,929 kg. Normally, such a heavy truck needs a CDL to drive, but it is registered as a motorhome so you can move it with a normal driver’s license. Still, you could probably do some training before touching this beast.

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