June 14, 2024

Will the Tesla Model Y ever really arrive in Australia?

It is 2022. The Model 3 has since undergone several facelifts. Tesla continues to tease the release of the new Roadster and the Cybertruck while pushing its now-standard lineup of vehicles (Model S, 3, and X). I bang on Elon Musk’s door, pleading, eyes puffy from crying, “Where’s the Australian Tesla Model Y?”.

OK, that’s a bit dramatic; it’s not like I can afford one anyway. But the Tesla Model Y has long avoided the Australian market. It was originally supposed to come here in 2021, although it was delayed by a year. There are now concerns that the Tesla Model Y may be delayed again due to a shortage of supplies at one of its Shanghai facilities.

Is Australia cursed never to receive the Tesla Model Y? Will it forever refer to our land? Could be. We thought it would go on sale last year, and… No.

Where is the Australian Tesla Model Y, Elon?

Right now, the word “2022 is the earliest,” but it’s already May, and since it’s already been delayed once, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it happened again. We think 2023 is the year to watch (however, the Model Y will have many new electric cars to compete with that year).

Delays are discernible across the entire EV market in Australia, with some companies shipping as few as 500 electric cars each year.

In many ways, it has to come down to priorities. Teslas are in high demand internationally, with Australia making up only a small portion of its international sales. We currently have no incentives for EV manufacturers to bring their cars to Australia, but the high demand leads to shortages.

In addition, Model Y sells more than Model 3 in both the US and China, with Australians still eager to order the Model 3. Right now, Aussie EV buyers seem happy with the Model 3, giving Tesla a reason to get us that car (along with the Model S and X) and prioritize the Model Y for the rest of the world.

The Tesla Model Y would most likely do quite well in Australia, as orders for Teslas are currently being stored here, so buyers are warned of wait times of up to 12 months for their new wheels to arrive. In February, we reported that the Tesla Model 3 was the most successful EV in the country in terms of sales and one of the most popular sedans in the country overall.

So it’s not that we’re cursed; it’s just that we don’t have a priority in the Model Y market right now.

How much does the Tesla Model Y cost in Australia?

An Australian price has not been confirmed, but it’s reasonable to spend around $70,000 on it, considering the US price and a price leak in April. According to the price leak, the RWD model starts at $67,990, while the AWD model costs $98,172.

Note that these are different prices than what was shown in the pricing configurator when the Model Y briefly went on sale in Australia earlier this year ($65,500 and $90,900, respectively).

Is the Tesla Model Y a budget EV?

This is not the case, although many see it as the “budget Tesla”. The Tesla Model Y isn’t a budget EV unless you consider it a budget alternative to the Model X, in which case it’s just a “budget” Tesla SUV.

In the US market, the original Tesla Model Y sold for $51,190 (about $73,000 in Australia), and the price increased yearly. If the 2020 “budget” Tesla Model Y went on sale in Australia at the converted price in the US, it would cost more than the Tesla Model 3, which starts at $63,900 in Australia.

When you think of a cheap Tesla, you might think of the few times Tesla brought up the idea of ​​a “cheap” Tesla. Prices have previously been estimated at $41,646, $48,587, and $34,705, all converted to Australian prices, but Teslas at these prices never got around to it.

And why would Tesla ever release a budget EV? The company currently has a hard time fulfilling all its orders; they do not need to cut prices.

Gizmodo Australia has contacted Tesla, and we will update this article if they get us. We’re looking forward to the Tesla Model Y and the Australian release, but we’ll have to wait now.

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